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‘Jasmine’ is a small, white and one of the most fragrant flowers which is widely cultivated in almost every household of Udupi and Mangalore where people belonging to different cultures, cuisines, religions and languages live in harmony. These flowers are a must during any of the major events like weddings, poojas, housewarming, naming ceremony etc., and are known to the rest of world as ‘Mangaluru Mallige’ or ‘Shankerpura Mallige’. The latter is a small village in Udupi where these flowers were first cultivated.

The place being close to the sea houses different communities like the Tuluvas, Saraswat Brahmins, Gowda Brahmins, Catholics and Bunts and hence offers an eclectic mix of cuisines.  Since the place is close to the sea fish forms the staple diet of non-vegetarians in this region. The daily meal of a middle class non-vegetarian family includes a fish curry or “Meen saar” and a local vegetable side dish which is had along with boiled rice. The other common dishes are fish fry and pulimunchi and dry fish or dry prawn chutney along with other vegetarian dishes. Pork or “Dukramass” as called in local a language is very famous among Catholics here whose cuisine is largely influenced by Goan and Portuguese cuisines. When we are talking about non vegetarian cuisine, it would be injustice to not mention Udupi and Mangalore’s vegetarian cuisine. From pickles, chutneys, Kosambaris, rasams, koddel to bajjis, menaskai, happalas, huli etc the vegetarian food here is surely a treat to your tastebuds. And not to forget the sweets the famous Kashi halwa, sheera, manni, kaai holige, various laddus the list just goes on and is never ending. This was just an overview of Mangalorean cuisine.

 Being born into such a rich culinary culture I personally believe that every person misses “Home cooked food” when away from home. Our pickles are a small attempt to help every Mangalorean experience the “taste of home” even if they are away.

The speciality of our pickles is that they are completely free from artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. we prepare them in small batches to maintain authenticity and taste. Each and every bottle of our homemade pickle is prepared under strict hygienic conditions and packed carefully to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Every Mangalorean loves pork and what makes our Mangalorean Pork pickle so lip-smackingly tasty is fresh meat and Mom’s special blend of spices. Another favourite food of Mangaloreans is “Mackerel curry” or “Bangude saar” as called in local language and hence we created Mangalorean Mackerel Pickle using the traditional blend of spices used for making “Bangude saar”. As of now our products include Mangalorean Mackerel pickle, Mangalorean Pork pickle, Goan Mackerel pickle, Goan Pork pickle and dry Anchovy pickle and we would love add a few local vegetarian products in the future.

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